Astrology Predictions

I studied astrology for more than 40 years. I never really did it professionally but used it for family and friends with a good record for accuracy. But in 2004 I had a head injury that made it more difficult to do the detail work in astrology. I then switched to doing Tarot, and though I loved it, I found past life readings and other Akashic readings were more spiritually helpful.

As I worked in the records I found that I had a new prospective on astrology. Because of the major configurations that are starting but really going to be strong in 2019 and 2020 and lasting into 2025,

I am going to try to explain as simply as I can how I see astrology. If you have studied astrology much you may find my explanations too simple, but I don’t want to have to use a lot of astrological terms that will be hard for newbies to understand. At the same time I want my information to be accurate for those that do know astrological terms.

Astrology is nothing but cycles. Our Karma is nothing but us deciding which cycles we will live in. The way it really became evident to me is the fact that doing so many past life readings I see so many adults that were either here before or during US Revolutionary War, the Civil War, French revolution, WWII under Hitler and other times when the issues of today are so similar. The other thing I see is in the past lives of young people that are the future and they lived during the time after the great revolutions and the formation of governments. I really think the young people of today will be involved in changing political and social norms even to the point of almost new constitutions.

I am not sure what the results of the mid-term elections this November in the US but I can tell you the qualities that will come out of it. I do know because of Uranus most people will be very surprised by the results. (I also think there will be delays in the results.) I also think there will be a lot of female influence. Not sure if it means the female vote will decide the election or it means the female candidates will have a big impact, or if it will be both.