About Past Life Readings

This is a reading that focuses on one past life and how it effects your current life.  You may tell me something you want me to look for relating to this life.  It can be a period of time or culture you have always felt connected to.  I have even had people tell me dreams they have had that was connected to a past life.  I will try to find connections to all of these, but I can't guarantee I will find something connected.  I tell people it is about an 80% chance I will connect to that particular past life.  I have to give you what is given to me.

I do this reading by Skype for people that can not connect with me at public venues. When I do the readings by Skype I do ask for some information I do not ask for when I do in person. This is just for confirmation to be certain of the connection.

This is a reading I do at public venues and is the most popular.