About Space Clearing Readings

Just like people, any space that is defined by an address or other specific location identification has an Akashic record.

You can clear home addresses, office spaces or apartments. If you are the person who “owns” the space or, as in the case of office or rental space, control the space, you may request the reading. I do not need to go to the location. All I need is the address.

Reasons for Clearing

  • To sell property

  • To remove uncomfortable feelings

  • To be able to use energy in an area better

What Can Be Cleared

  • Portals

  • Anger Spears

  • Entities

  • Negative energy

I am still stunned by the result of the house clearing you did. Within a week of the work you did, I had an offer. And the house wasn’t even up for sale. It had been months since it had even rented. The last time I was in the house it gave me an uncomfortable feeling, though I couldn’t pinpoint why. After I got the offer, I went there with the buyer, and the house was as I remembered it before: pleasant and inviting. The sale was for cash, and it closed within 9 days. This is a wonderful service you are providing! I highly recommend all your services.

Kim H.