About Spirit Guide Connection Readings

The ultimate goal of this reading is to give you information to help you make your own personal connections with your Spirit Guides.  But to start there are a few ways we can approach this.

  • I will try to explain the ways that I and others think you can approach your guides.

  • You can meditate to try to reach your guides. This will depend upon your ability to meditate to get to a state where your energy and your guides energy are in sync.

  • You can also just keep asking your guide for help on the issue for which you want support. This is what I did to make my connection. I don't think you have to be in a special state as your guides already have an energy that will connect with you.

  • You can find a good psychic that can reach your guide. This will usually entale you going to the psychic every time you want information form your guide.

  • You can find an Akashic Reader that can connect with your guides and give you information to help you identify your guide. This may take more than one reading, but the goal is for you to be able to connect without my help.

General Information about Spirit Guides

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Unicorn Spirit Guide

Unicorn Spirit Guide

Generally people have 6 to 8 guides. They have one guide that is with them through out there whole life and is with them from birth. As they grow and their need for guides increase, their guides will join them. Except for your life guide each guide comes in for a specific purpose and some of them will come in for just periods of your life. For example your needs are different when you are a teenager and going to school and making friend and education choices than they will be as an adult, so your guides change. The guides come in with special talents to help you with certain areas of you life, but their success is not all dependant on them. It is also dependant on you and how you connect and if you listen to them.

Spiritual Council

Spiritual Council

You have a spiritual council that is made up of different entities and your Spirit Guides coordinate with them. They are entites that don't get involved in your day to day life. They are also working with other people and their guides.

Some of the coucil members are well known like Jesus, Budda, Mohammed, Saints and other Spiritual leaders. Some people have entites that have lived and feel more connected to other planets and solar systems. Others may be your ancestors. They will not be ones that have lived during your current life time, but may have been from the far enough past that they are working with several of your genetic connections in this life time.

These,like your Spirit Guides have lived on earth at some point so understand earthly 3-D lifes and living.

Guides are energy

Guides are energy

Spirit Guides are energy to everybody is different in how they connect. Most people want to know what their guides name or appearance is. They will connect with you in a way you can understand and feel comfortable. You may be able to see them, hear them, feel them or it may just be a sense of knowing. The visual may not just be actually seeing a figure, but it could be seeing something that is a symble that tells you they are aiding you or verifying what you are doing. Some people see certain birds, butterflys, flowers, cloud shapes...it can really vary. The audio may be in the form of music. Either music that you don't know where it is coming from or just a certain song that has a message for you. The feeling may be a certain sensation in a specific part of your body, a chill or someother temperature change, a breeze that comes to you or a scent that is pleasing to you. Knowing is the most common and the one that people doubt the most. Because we are in a 3D world we want a 3D connection. My connection was knowing and I had doubts about whether I was just imagining it, but I have included a seperate story about how I have connected to my Spirit Guide. You just need to trust.